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Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Rya rugs, Silk rugs, Dhurrie rugs, and Braided area rugs bring a touch of elegance to any room, and if cared for correctly, can be passed down from generation to generation. To ensure that your fine area rug lasts through the years, it's best to have it professionally cleaned. Hand made rugs are always imperfect. Their imperfections are part of their charm. An oriental area rug can easily cost more than a whole house full of wall-to-wall carpet. The natural fibers and dyes along with their intrinsic value mean Oriental rugs need (and deserve) special care.

  • Time
    Time Area rugs are not bothered by water. However, it is important the rug be dried as quickly as possible. An oriental rug can get wet, but they must be modified to clean an area rug correctly.

  • Agitation
    Agitation is the physical action involved in loosening the soils for removal. Harsh scrubbing can damage the fibers. Older or damaged area rugs require gentle agitation. In some cases all or part of the rug has to be gently scrubbed or even stroked by hand. This kind of attention to detail assures the best results.

  • Chemical
    The cleaning products we use on delicate area rugs are specially formulated to clean the natural fibers we find in area rugs. The products must ensure a pH balance that will loosen the soils, and leave the fibers soft without harming the dyes. The cleaning agents must rinse freely to leave the fibers clean and natural.

  • Temperature
    For some commercial carpets, we sometimes need as much heat as we can get. Area rugs are different. If the cleaning solution is too hot, fibers can be damaged and left feeling like straw. With excess heat, dyes can also be removed. If the solution is too cold, the cleaning agents may not completely remove the soils. Control over the temperature is very important.